Is there a way to change the tabulation of the elements in the binder?

Hello. Is there a way to change the tabulation of the elements in the binder?

You mean this ?

If that is what you want, just drop the document you want to be inside another, on top (not above, on top) of the one you wish to be the container.
Or place it just below, and use Ctrl+>
Or Edit / Move / Move right if you are using a Mac. (I don’t know what shortcut that would be.)

If the document you moved then “disappears”, click the arrow next (left side) to the document you dropped it on.

P.S. If you go to your forum profile, it is a good idea to specify – as there are a few differences between the two Scrivener versions – whether you are a Mac or a Windows user.

Thanks for your answer, but I don’t mean to change the hierarchy. I know how to do that. I mean to increase the tabulation of the elements within that hierarchy. That is: to change the indent. Sorry if I don’t explain myself well. English is not my native language.

Actually, there is a setting in Options > Appearance > Binder to indent the Binder entries extra.


Thanks! I couldn’t find this anywhere.

I’ve moved this to the Windows section since you can’t actually adjust the indent amount on a Mac. :slight_smile:

Ah, so I’m glad I have the Windows version. I use scrivener to organize my notes on various topics. I organize this in nested folders and, to make everything look clear, I need to put a larger tab stop than the default one.