Is there a way to change the zoom level for all documents in the project at once?

Is there a way to change the zoom level for all documents in the project at once?


Try File > Options > Editing > Options > Default text zoom.

I’m aware of but that’s for new projects only, no?

What about the current project?


The zoom is per editor. The main editors store its zoom levels upon restart. If you change your main editors to 200%, they will load all documents with 200% and upon restart the zoom should be again 200%. This is only for the main editors though. We have not added the option of a global zoom level for all editors still. For example you cannot change the zoom of the Inspector Comments/Footnotes editors.

Ah, that clears the things out.

Thank you,

Bumping this… The Default Zoom level is supposed to change the zoom level of the active document in the main editor, correct? Well nothing happens with latest beta when I try to set it even after closing and restarting Scrivener. When using sync to work on the same document on a laptop with a small screen and later on a desktop it would be very useful to have different zoom settings. Using latest beta, v 38. Am I missing something obvious here or is it not working?

zoom level with actual 400% setting:

Check my comment above.

We have added an option that will allow you to start Scrivener always using your preferred scaling, ignoring the last scaling you used upon shutdown. Check it in the next Beta 39.

Thanks for answering but I just tried setting the zoom factor to something different, closing the project and reopening it on another device, and unfortunately that means the zoom factor gets applied to the other system as well which is not very helpful. I want a smaller zoom factor on the desktop with a big screen compared to the laptop where everything is tiny (lots of pixels, not so many inches).

That’s why I was asking about the menu option since it sounded like something that would be device specific. If it isn’t, and the zoom is reset to whatever is stored with the project, what is the point of that menu option? And is there another way in Scrivener3 to achieve this?