Is there a way to compile ONLY doc titles and synopses?

Greetings, all.

I’m just on my 2nd day of trying out this tool - soon to embark on an historical novel.

I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to compile just the synopses and titles – that is, the text that appears on an Index Card. Basically, the purpose is to compile (and print) a scene list, without any of the text that’s residing in scenes, so that the scene list and basic flow can be reviewed with some other parties.


Easy. :slight_smile: Just use the “Enumerated Outline” preset, selectable from the “Format As” drop-down in the compiler. The name is a bit of a misnomer at the moment as numbering isn’t implemented in it; but otherwise it does exactly what you want.

To see how this is accomplished, click the blue arrow if necessary to see all compile options, and check out the Formatting pane. Here you can design how each section of the draft will be output. Turning off the “Text” column disables the ordinary editor output.

Oh. You can do that? I copied and pasted my whole outline into Word after trying 3 times to compile it.


Thanks AmberV…that worked just great and gave me what I needed.

Hello, AmberV.
I am trying to do exactly that: compile only my doc titles for use in a PowerPoint presentation of my concept; however, the Enumerated Outline includes the document text and does not include the document titles. What am I doing wrong?

Quite possibly you have “Compile As-Is” set for every single document in the Draft. This option specifically tells the compiler to not mess with the document’s formatting (which includes title generation), so it is generally only useful for title pages and other sections that require custom formatting that does not match the way the rest of the book looks in terms of body text formatting.

I believe you hit the nail directly on the head, ma’am. I will go back and fix that. Thank you.