Is there a way to compile part of a document?

Is there a way to compile part of a document? I have a document with say 1000 words. I want to select 500 words and compile it as PDF. Is it possible?

Thank you!

-Kasey Shah-

Inside a document, rather than a single doc in your project? I’d do it by marking the part I didn’t want to compile as an inline annotation.

Yes, inside documents. Your approach would work. How would I do that?

It appears that I cannot use inline annotation to such large text. The option is greyed out when I select large amount of text that includes bullet points, pictures etc. When I select a few words, inline annotation option is available. Any other idea?


You could try strikethrough. There’s a way to not compile struck-through text, but I’m not at my Mac now to hunt it down.

Why not split the part you don’t want to compile to a separate document? You can merge it back together later if you want,


Yes, splitting the doc up or copying the text into another doc seems like the simplest approach.

My use case is that part of this document is used for some courses and the entire document is used for other courses. If I split then I will have to manage the same content at two different places. Any other idea? Thank you for your help!

Bingo! It worked as I wanted including the picture. I have no idea, how Scrivener was able to strikethrough a picture inserted in a document. It worked and I am happy.

Thank you so much! You are genius!

If you are using Scrivener 3 then you can try to use Styles. During compile, you can configure your style output to include or remove different styles. So for example "Create a “Full” style and apply it to text you only want retained in a full output, then in the compiler create two formats, one that deletes this Style and one that does not. See §24.5.3 of the User manual for more details…

@KCS304, in many ways a .rtf file treats a picture like it’s a big weird letter, so I’m not too surprised that strikethrough worked for you. :smiley: Glad you got it sorted!