Is there a way to contribute to improving a dictionary?

The Brazilian Portuguese dictionary is pretty bad. Tons of words get incorrectly highlighted as different verbal tenses are unknown to it.

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I wrote my own Word Processing software and, of course, used an off-the-shelf spell checker as well. I had a similar problem, but I was able to contribute additional wordlists for the betterment of the standard dictionary. I was wondering if any such contributions would be possible in regards to the spell checker that Literature & Latte is using for Scrivener.

All the best!

I was under the impression that the spell checker was provided by the operating system, though I may be wrong. You could test this by writing a short piece in Text Editor and comparing results. If it is Apple’s dictionary, then you need to go to them.

This was my bad. I use both Mac and Windows and I was refering to the Windows version.

The spellchecker used is certainly not provided by the OS. Thank god! Windows now only allows us to have a single language pack installed. If you use Office, it installs its own system that lets it use multiple languages. Other than that you need to order a multi-language version of windows which costs a pretty penny, especially considering that your computer already comes with Windows pre-loaded which was paid for.

In the Windows 3.0 beta versions, the dictionary has no record of several different verb tenses, depending on the verb. For now I’m just telling it to learn the words, but it would be better if the base dictionary could be improved for everyone.

That is one of the reasons why people are asked to put questions in the appropriate Technical Support forum (Windows or Mac), not in this one, which is supposed to be for passing on tips. :slight_smile:

But no-one reads (or notices) the thread a bit further up the page which says “PLEASE USE THE TECHNICAL SUPPORT FORUM FOR QUESTIONS” (their capitals, not mine). :mrgreen: