Is there a way to cut and paste a document?

There is one kind of small document that appears from time to time in my novel. I would like to copy and paste it, or even cut and paste it. When I try to copy it, I get a copy of the contents of the document but not the document itself. Is there a way to do what I want? (Copying the document would copy its metadata, etc. as well as its text.)

Yup. Sounds like your problem is just that you are addressing yourself to the content in the Editor pane, rather than the doc itself in the Binder.

Select the doc in the Binder and use the Duplicate menu command (also cmd-D, I do believe)

Or option drag the doc in the binder to another location in the binder. That will also duplicate it.

As for cutting it in one place and pasting in another. Wrong concept. Just drag the doc to a new location in the binder.

These are actually all very standard Mac procedures for duplication and movement of docs. This is exactly what you would do with a file in Finder to achieve file duplication or movement outside of Scriv. So, these manuevers in Scriv should be very comfortably familiar for you.


p.s. btw, you can also drag a scriv doc from the binder of one project to the binder of another and that performs a copy operation.

p.p.s. How did you survive three years with Scriv without these operations, my friend?! :astonished:

That was very helpful advice, and it solves my problem. But I’d like to point out that the eqasiest, simplest alternative to cutting and pasting is not nearly as good as it looks:

Just drag the doc to a new location in the binder.

If the new location is about 90 sections away from the old one in the binder (I’m not kidding), this is a pain.

No technique works for every situation. For your example scenario, your best options are probably one of the two following:

  1. Load the outline view of the containing folder of your document in one editor, and then scroll the binder down to where you want the document to go. Then drag the document from the outline in the editor to the destination location in the binder.
  2. Select the document in the binder and use the menu Documents->Move To…

Or to move a document…

  1. Load the document in the editor

  2. Find the place in the binder where you want to move the document to

  3. Select the document’s icon in the editor

  4. Drag and drop the icon into the new place in the binder

Or to copy a document…

As above, but use the OPTION key when dragging in point (4). For this to work, check:

Scrivener > Preferences > Behaviours > Drag & Drop > [select] Option-dragging creates duplicates

And two sneaky trans-pane ways to move/copy a doc! I love it.

Just to round off all the options… :smiley:

You don’t have to be in the binder to move/copy documents — the cursor can be in the Editor or the Inspector and Documents > Move to > (select folder) and Documents > Copy to > (select folder) will still work. However, you need to be in the Binder to move multiple documents at once, of course.

Finally, if you’re chosen to move a document to the Manuscript folder (for example) then a menu item will appear Documents > Move to “Manuscript” again, which is really helpful for repeat actions.


There’s a trick you can use here.

Add the Document you want to move to the Project Bookmarks list. (Right-click on it in the Binder.) Scroll through the Binder to find the destination you want. Then click on the Bookmark icon in the toolbar, and drag from there.