Is there a way to disable auto save? I hate it....

Is there a way to disable auto save?

when I’m learning a new program I try a lot of things that may not necessarily be something I want to have permanently in my project.

If the UNDO command is grayed out-- for whatever reason-- then what I normally do in other programs is close the program without saving

The auto save feature in Scrivener does not give me that option, which can be annoying.

I do have my file backed up to another drive so I can replace it, but it would be better to have the option NOT to auto save, or at least wait 10 minutes before auto saving

Please consider having a “turn off auto save” option for the final program


I do like this fast autosave.

If you wish to have more time for undo’s, you can set the delay to up to 99 seconds (in the edit > options).

To avoid messing up your project, you could create a “dummy” folder, where you duplicate the pages you wish to test on…
This folder can be kept with your project, or deleted after testing, as you like.

I’ve found a snapshot-feature: You can save a snapshot before you’re “messing” with your content.

It’s hidden in the inspector bottom left Icon …

You could also use a “save as” to create a forked copy of the project before you start playing around, which essentially would be the same thing as turning off auto-save–if you don’t like what you did in the project, just close it and then delete that forked version and go back to the original.

thank you! I’ll use that.