Is there a way to do a live track changes.

Something like in word, where it shows your edits in the text and keeps track of them until you accept?

Good news: yes

Bad news: it’s only on the Mac version.

Windows Revision Mode and a Timeline are at the top of my wishlist. :smiley:

There is the snapshot feature; you take a snapshot, make changes, and then compare the changes; if you don’t like them, you can revert to a previous snapshot. Not sure how advanced the Windows version is (if it highlights the differences and so-fort). Revision mode on the Mac consistently colors anything you type in, so that it’s easy to spot everything that you added. Neither is quite like track changes, but the only one that’s entirely mac-specific is the Revision mode.

Thank you both. Definitely the revision mode would make a huge difference.

It will come… some day. :stuck_out_tongue: