Is there a way to do a standard footnote?

I am used to footnotes being a small superscript numeral. The scrivener method seems to be to highlight a section of text that is then clickable.

I can understand why Scrivener was made to work this way- it makes the selection much easier to select with the mouse but I have certain problems with it:
Since it’s non-standard it is potentially confusing to the people I share the Scrivener project with.

Highlighting the last word of the sentence seems logically incorrect. Highlighting the whole sentence seems incredibly distracting. Highlighting only the period isn’t so bad but it in my opinion having these small patches, even when made a subtle color, gives the entire text a sloppy appearance.

No, there’s no way to do this, and won’t be any time before version 4.5. :slight_smile: I have no intention of building a fully-featured word processor into Scrivener as it is intended for drafting purposes. Footnotes become real footnotes when exported.

If the people you share Scrivener with are Scrivener-users, then it won’t be confusing to them; if they aren’t then you can share in a standard format such as RTF.


I’m guessing then you know this, but just in case–it’s possible to change the footnote background color (Scrivener>Preferences:Appearance in Customizable Colors, Editor:Footnote Comment BG) to white, for instance, which should make it fairly unobtrusive in your editor. You still do get the box and the linked text, but if you’re using these on a period that’s really not much more in-your-face than a standard superscript numeral.