Is there a way to do this?

Hi Guys,

This may be a little lengthy while I explain what I’m trying to do, along with what I’ve tried so far, so please bear with me.

Basically I’m having a little trouble when it comes to compiling the file. To help illustrate what I want, I’m going to export to .ePub here, but I also want to export to .PDF and .mobi, so any solutions will have to ideally work for all three.

What I want is to create something that roughly looks like the following when exported:

I say roughly because all I want is to have some paragraphs (two or three) displayed before the Chapter Number and Title. Ideally, the solution would be simple, to just relocate the Chapter Name and Title and have them displayed below the Opening Paragraphs.

However, as I don’t know how to do that, I’ve been trying all kinds of trickery to display the Chapter Number and Title in the correct place, but it’s just not working for me.

I have my sidebar laid out like this:

Image 3.png

Note that it’s only the first and third chapters that have Opening Paragraphs. Most chapters do not have them, and would therefore begin with the Chapter Number and Title. So I’m not after a universal ‘Titles after paragraphs’, just something that’d work in the cases where I do have chapters with Opening Paragraphs.

I’m also using the standard ‘Fiction > Novel’ template, with my story laid out with Chapters and Scenes.

It’s clearly not a very common question to ask, (searching hasn’t showed up any results) but I’m sure there has to be a way to make it work properly.

Any ideas?



Put the opening paragraphs in the “folders” — in fact, in Scrivener, folders are just special sorts of files - and then in Compile, turn on text for folders and titles for your “Scene One” “Scene Two”.

Would that do it?


Mark is almost there. Definitely add the text of your openers to the folder itself. Click on the folder, then click the “pages” view mode icon (the first of the pages, cork board, and outline icons in the pill-shaped group in your toolbar) to view the text area in your editor. The folder’s text area will be the first blank space at the top. If you click the pages icon a second time, the editor should only display the folder’s text area, and not all of the text in it’s sub-documents too.

Once you’ve got the text there, then in your compile dialogue, go to the Formatting section, and click on the folder row. Then click on the Section Layout button just above the preview area of that window. Select all of the contents of the Prefix pane, cut it and paste it back into the Suffix pane.

That should do what you want, giving you some optional opening paragraphs while still allowing for chapters with no opening paragraphs.

Thanks for your suggestions guys!

I followed your idea Mark, and by using the hints that Robert provided was able to get it to work just the way I wanted.

I really was pulling my hair out trying to get this to work, but you guys came through and helped me out.

I greatly appreciate it!