Is there a way to email a project from iPad?

Hi, I’ve just started using Scrivener. I work on a Mac but prefer at the moment to write on my iPad - less distractions. I sync to Dropbox but am paranoid about losing my work. What’s the best way to back up from the iPad? Is there a way to email the project I’m working on?



Isn’t the copy on Dropbox good enough?

Perhaps use the brower to access Dropbox’s server and copy the project from there to where you want it to go? See Dropbox’s help: Copy or duplicate Dropbox files | Dropbox Help

I can’t think how on iPad to email a complex folder/file structure that a Scrivener project is. Others may have another idea.

From the tutorial: You can also export projects by entering “Edit” mode in the sidebar, selecting a single project, and tapping on the “share” button in the toolbar at the bottom of the sidebar. This allows you to email the project as a .zip file.


Thank you so much. I thought I’d seen someone saying there was an easy way to email out of iPad. That works a treat. I just need to know that if everything crashes, there’s a version of my project somewhere that’s not Dropbox or Scrivener.

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Dropbox is good, but I do worry about having a project in one place. If it becomes corrupted…

It seems it is actually very easy to email out a project from iPad. Easier than Mac. Who knew? So glad I found the forum.

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Your Mac should be backing up on close and/or open, and it is best if that backup goes to somewhere other than Dropbox (eggs not all in one basket!) My backups are in my iCloud account, but I also back up my internal disks regularly to an external. Those who like even greater belt-and-braces set-ups use services like Backblaze.




Are you regularly backing up your Mac to Time Machine? If so, then the Scrivener contents of DropBox on your Mac will automatically get backed up to Time Machine as long as your Mac is turned on.

You may also want to have several Time Machine drives and rotate them. I have four. Every Sunday I back up to all of them, and then choose one to be the Time Machine drive for the week. And then go through a rotation every week. This way I have plenty of backups going back for 2-3 years.

You can never have too many back ups.

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More about backup options for iOS Scrivener:

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You can export the Scrivener document as a compressed file and email that