is there a way to find any & all Italicized text in my files

Is there an easy way to search / find any and all italicized text in my project? I had italicized some music cues for the sound designer / now i want to find them and un-italicize them…

also, for some strange reason, my ability to change elements using the Option / Command / “numeral for the new element” / keys stops functioning… am i inadvertently bouncing around in different docs that somehow causes this? it really slows me down when it stops working suddenly… thx !

You can use the format finder to find italics - Edit > Find > Find by Formatting… Choose to find “Character Format” from the top pop-up and then choose just italics.

As for opt-cmd-numerals, do you mean in script mode? That will only work in documents that are in script mode, of course - script mode is saved on a document-by-document basis.

Hope that helps!

All the best,

Thanks, Keith ---- very helpful… I can find all italicizes text now… it’s really amazing the level of design that went into this application… tm

On that note, the shortcut to switch between modes is Cmd-8, so if you use the keyboard and inspector notes much, you might just be not pressing hard enough on one of the modifier keys.