Is there a way to float windows?

Hi :slight_smile:

I have tried to search the forum, and have seen that it has been requested to be able have multiple floating windows open at the same time, but that was about two years ago, I can´t find if this exists yet, and if it does where do I find the option in Scrivener?

The only window I can find that floats is the scratch pad, and I was happy to find that, but is there a way to float more windows at the same time?

We do have plans for being able to open individual binder documents in a separate floating editor, but at the moment there is just the split editor in the main window. You can use this though to be working on your draft document in one editor and viewing your research material in the other, which from your wishlist post sounds like what you want. Have you tried working this way? By locking the editor (View > Editor > Lock in Place, or from the icon menu in the editor header) or setting View > Binder Affects, you can make it easier to switch research documents in the one split without accidentally changing the other editor.

Hi! ah, no I haven´t tried that, I will now though, thank you for the tip! :slight_smile:

I just tried this out and it works great! Thank you again! :slight_smile: