Is there a way to get Scrivener to unlearn characters' names

I’m finding Scrivener really good for writing scripts, but there’s one thing that drives me insane: there seems to be no way of editing the autocomplete list of characters’ names. And because Scrivener (or me, or both) sometimes selects the wrong element, it has learned some locations as character names. Now, whenever I want Bob to say something, Scrivener automatically puts his words in the mouth of ‘Bob and Helen’s lounge, day’.

I’ve only used it to write two scripts, but I’ve had problems with this feature both times.

Is there a way around it? Or can it be sorted out in an update?

Thanks for Scrivener,


I´ve had that problem too - and all you need to do is this;
Try going to Project > Auto-Complete List and see if "CHARACTER NAME THAT IS WRONG is in there. If so, delete it. That allows you to add or edit anything in the project auto-complete list.

You can edit the auto-complete list by going to the Project Menu and selecting “Edit Auto-Complete List…”

Because Scrivener is not a dedicated scriptwriting program, it only has a single project-level auto-complete list, so both character names and locations get placed there by default. You can change this behaviour via the Script Settings (Format > Scriptwriting > Script Settings…).

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Sorry, just found it. Project > Auto-complete list. I was searching on forums and in help on “autocomplete”, without the hyphen. Thanks.