Is there a way to grab and move the entire screen around?

On some macOS apps, there is an ability to grab the screen and move it around, e.g. depressing the middle mouse button.

For instance, when the elements extend beyond one screen’s worth, and I want to quick way to navigate around – rather than having to go separately to the side and bottom scroll bars, which each only allow movement in either x or y direction.

I’m referring to the ability to grab the screen and move everything in a 45 degree direction.

If you use Davinci Resolve video editing software, in Fusion, for really large compositions, this ability to depress the centre mouse button, and click-and-drag everything around is so easy to navigate large expanses of project work.

I wonder if there’s an equivalent function in Scapple, since some of my Scapple projects tend to get rather expansive.

I experimented with all the usual suspects, like holding down the command, option, control or shift buttons while moving the mouse - but none of those commands enabled an ability to navigate around the screen.

It looks like you are referring to this previous discussion.

Ahh, thanks. It looks like a tried “everything” but not the spacebar.