Is there a way to have 2 colors in each row of the binder?

for example, I want the label to be my POV(so i have icon to change to label color which works)
but id like the TODO or first draft or revision to be the rest of the row color(so basically two different colors)
Probably not possible, but I’m wondering how you guys do to be able to see pov quickly in binder and at the same time also know which chapters need work (also, in old scrivener, the row color in binder filled the whole thing, now it seems like it only puts a little circle at the corner)

Use the label color + distinctive icons, colored or otherwise.

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For your second point:

Once you have View > Use Label Colour in > Binder ticked, then the option Show as Background colour in Binder will toggle between just the coloured dot and colouring the entire row.

Does that help?

(Caveat: this is how it works on the Mac. If it’s available on Windows, then these are the menu options to choose…)

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Why not use the Outline view for that purpse and use both Label, Status and Keywords?

In your example pov could be shown with custom icons and status with Label.