Is there a way to have it autocheck "Page break before"

Is there a way to have it autocheck “Page break before” and “Compile as is” either as create the new section or when I compile (ebook)?

Two seconds after posting I found it. Why does it always work that way!

You might also wish to keep in mind that you can set up page breaks to happen at automatic intervals when you compile. In fact, the default settings cause folders following a text file (from the previous chapter) to create a page break. You can find four options for where to automatically place these in the Separators compile pane. So for instance if you do not write long chapters, and prefer to keep them in separate files rather than larger groupings of files, you could use the text/text separator to emit a page break between every text file. Generally, this will be a superior way of working than worrying about those little checkboxes. Those are meant to be for the outliers—those things which don’t match the general rule for the project. Same goes for As-Is—that’s not meant to be a universal tool. The universal tool is the compiler, and more specifically the Formatting preference pane. If you don’t want your documents to be reformatted with titles, then you would set things up accordingly in the Formatting pane. As-Is is for when you do want that, save for a few outliner documents, like title, dedication pages and the ToC.