Is there a way to highlight files in the Binder?

Instead of just changing the icon, is there a way I can highlight or change the text color for individual files or folders in the Binder?

If so, how?


Label colours might do what you want. See section 10.1.2 of the manual.

Awesome that worked, thank you!

I had already applied a label color on a few items as a test. All I had to do was go to VIEW - USE LABEL COLOR IN - BINDER

And now that label color is visible in the binder.

Thank you again! Brilliant!

Glad it is working as you want.

Happy writing.



FYI, I didn’t realize at first that you can also/instead just have the icons colored according to the label colors. I prefer to just have icons show the color, rather than having the stark bubble of color around the binder title. That option is available in the same menu: View->Use Label Colors in->Icons.

Another thing that’s in the menu is “Index Cards”, which is nice if you use the cork board; it’ll color the entire index card, even the one in the inspector.

Very cool, thanks for the tip!