Is there a way to import folders full of files?

I’ve just been asked to rejig a piece that I thought was dead, so I started working in Scrivener. But there are a couple of folders of notes, illustrations, emails, PDFs, etc that belong to the piece, and they’re out in the wild world of Finder, in my Big Articles folder.

I know I can import each of these documents and pictures separately through the File/Import feature. But is there any way of importing them in one go?

Just select the folder(s) via the File > Import > Files… feature. :slight_smile: Or, just drag the folders from the Finder into Scrivener’s binder.
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Hmm, odd.

I did that with one (this is why I’m asking the question), and it brought in the folder but not its contents.

I tried again and got the message “Some files could not be imported because they were of an unsupported file type”. (I assume this was the error message I got the first time too… sorry, just gnrrred and didn’t read it.)

It seems to have imported them, exept it turned the .scriv version of the piece into a folder and separated its contents into a zillion Inspector cards. Odd.

Don’t worry about it - the piece is written and sent in, I’m basically just tidying.

Wait, you’re not trying to import a .scriv package are you? You asked about normal Finder folders in your original post and said nothing about importing other Scrivener files. Normal Finder folders will work, though you may receive the “unsupported” message if the folder contains some files that aren’t supported by Scrivener.

You shouldn’t drag a .scriv file into a Scrivener project though - just drag the contents from one binder into another if you want to transfer contents between projects.

I hadn’t actually realised there was a Scrivener file in there.

How d’ you mean drag contents from one binder into another? What’s a binder? How do you drag them - from Finder or within Scrivener? If within Scrivener, how do you do this?

Within Scrivener. The binder is the list of files on the left hand side. If you open two Scrivener projects, you can drag files from one project to the other (drag it from one binder, drop it in place in the other).


Worked! Thanks!