Is there a way to Join two or more notes together?

I know that I can temporarily join two notes together in Edit Scrivenings (a brilliant feature indeed). My question is is there a way of joining notes together “permanently”? If not, how are folks managing this manually? Are folks just copying/cutting and pasting from one note to the other and then deleting from the Binder? I tried dragging one note on top of another and it just made the dragged note a sibling. I was hoping there was a way to drag one note into another so that it would just dump the dragged note at the bottom of the dragged on note. Is something like this possible? :unamused:

I think you are talking about merging documents which is available in the Documents menu. Select the documents in the binder, and then click on Documents -> Merge or use the shortcut: ⌥⌘M

From the help file:

Merges multiple selected documents in the binder, outliner or corkboard into one document. Text, synopses and notes are all combined into a merged text, synopsis and notes text respectively. The title, and meta-data such as label and status, are taken from the first selected document.

Hope this helps,

Thanx for the great response.