Is There a Way to Jump Between Matches of Multi-file Search Results?

With the new ability to use a mouse for serious text editing on the iPad, I’ve been trying to use Scrivener on iOS. Problem is, with all the buttons on the screen but no mouseover tags telling you what they are (because they’re meant for touch), I may be missing something.

When I do a multi-file search, I’m looking for a way to quickly jump from one match to the next in the selected document, so I don’t have to slowly scroll and hope to catch the yellow-on-white highlight (or worse, the blue-on-grey of dark mode). I try doing a local find, but that’s just extra steps and is sometimes wonky.

Is there a button or something that will take me through all the matches?


Okay, I’m assuming this is not possible based on the lack of response. (Plus, I’m am impatient as hell.)

When I select a file that has the term I’m searching, all of the finds are highlighted (though in dark mode they are pretty hard to see).

On the Mac, I can then just hit Cmd-G to jump from one instance to another without having to do anything more to set up the search.

On the iPad, selecting the file shows the highlights, but Cmd-G does nothing. If I then select inside the text fo the file, all of the search result highlighting disappears because it’s assuming you’re now going to edit. Doing Cmd-G then still does nothing. I have to do Cmd-F to open find, and then the term will be there, and I can start Cmd-G’ing, but the Find strip covers some of the finds and it basically puts the app into a semi-modal mode with things greying out until I reach down & hit Done on the Find strip.

Wish the iOS version would work more fluidly, like on the Mac.

The inability to easily do multi-file searches on the iPad is why I’ve left Ulysses and am trying Scrivener. As I writer, I find it the second most important feature, after the ability to type words. Scrivener is better than Ulysses, but it could be better still.

Also, I like that, on the Mac, I can limit the area of my searches. On iOS, if I’m in a folder, I wish the search will limit to just that folder.

I think the main problem is in what you are observing itself: the search condition feels modal because it is. There isn’t a background universal search buffer that is always present, like on the Mac. There, it is way more seamless and even works across multiple applications. For example you can select a word in Mail and hit ⌘E then jump over to Scrivener and start hitting ⌘G to find instances of that word—all without opening a single find panel.

But of course that kind of integration and such is a bit of a foreign concept on iOS to begin with. Preloading the Find tool with the project search term was a minor victory, as I recall, and the best form of convenience we could provide. If you check around with other apps that provide a search function, you should find this is just how it is. Pages, Editorial, etc., it’s all the same.

P.S. are tooltips a thing you are seeing a fair amount of these days? We’ll have to look into that if so.

No, there’s no tooltips in iOS because there was no mouse. You had your finger on the button. But now, with iOS 13.4’s better mouse support, I kept hovering and expecting something to show up, though it makes no sense on an iPad.

The closest I’ve seen is a button that you hit to have little tooltips show up on all the buttons at once, until you learn the meaning of the button. That would be nice just to find out what the different buttons do, but it’s not a big thing.

Thanks for your answer. At least your solution for multi-file search is better implemented than the one on Ulysses. It’s just still not close enough to become quick-n-easy.