Is there a way to keep a synced toc copy online?

The title says it all.

Say I would like to make the table of contents available on line and make it update every time I edit the manuscript into scrivener automagically.

Is there a way to do that?

That would be useful for beta readers or the general public that could somehow follow the development of the book.

Thank you.

Online where? An arbitrary web page?

Is this a read-only TOC? Or were you also looking for some functionality? E.g., reader clicks on a chapter in the TOC and is taken to the text?

Jim (who has no idea how to implement anything like this, but thought the scope of your question was unclear)

Thank you.

No, I would like to publish just the TOC and nothing else, otherwise I would end up publishing the whole text or sort of.

So just a plain page with the toc, ordered and indented so that a reader can get an idea of what’s inside the book.

Thank you.


You could probably use the Sync with External Folder mechanism to make a synced copy of an arbitrary file from the project available online.

But there is no ToC document in the project unless you create one, and one that you create won’t update automatically.

As a writer, I’m not sure what the benefit of such a document would be, though. I’m not interested in sharing my process at that level of detail. I can see wanting to provide an updated outline at regular intervals – every few weeks, say – but showing every false start and change of direction in real time? No.