Is there a way to keep auxiliary windows open?

I often want to switch to another program briefly, but still view the information in some of Scrivener’s auxiliary windows (Stats window, QuickView windows, and so on).

But when I switch away, those windows all close, leaving only the main window open.

For example, this month I often want to type my project’s word count into the NaNoWriMo site. That would be easier if I could see the number instead of having to remember it when I switch away.

Is there a way to keep auxiliary windows open even when Scrivener does not have focus?

Could there be?

No this is just how the Mac works. Basically if a window is designated as being a utility panel, it is deemed only relevant to the software when said software is active. This way everything doesn’t clutter up the window management controls and display with palettes and such. Keep in mind these things float over everything. If you have several programs with utility panels all clogging up your screen with perma-floating windows it would quickly turn into a mess. You can toggle this behaviour off for QuickReference panels. If you disable floating in the Window menu, that will designate them as standard windows and they will stack as normal, meaning the project window can overlap them and they won’t disappear when you switch to another program.

So it’s a combination of how Mac works, and the programmers’ choice to display certain information in utility panels instead of some other form of display.

If this behavior can be toggled for QuickReference panels, I’ll bet it could also be toggled for other utility panels. I’d like that.

If you make it an option, then the user takes responsibility for clogging up the screen. Or at least, I would, and happily.

Well, it’s more a combination of convention and how the Mac works. There are guidelines to how software should be designed, and we try to stick with those as best as possible to avoid being an unruly member of the tribe. :slight_smile:

Why not just copy and paste the word count number from the stats window into the website, rather than typing it in by hand, though?

Whoa! I never realized you could select that text! … but don’t paste it into your NaNo word count update box; the thousands comma confuses it, and sets your word count to zero. You can edit it out before submitting it though, which is more convenient than temporarily memorizing a 5 (or 6!) digit number.

Only one comma? Slacker! :mrgreen:

Wait, should I have added more commas? Would that increase my productivity???