Is there a way to let someone else add comments (but nothing else)

In Word, I can lock everything but possibility to add comments to text for proof readers/editors/others. Is there a way to do the same thing in Scrivener? :slight_smile:

There is no way that I know of of locking the editor’s content.
But, using snapshots (you’d take a snapshot of all documents before sharing the project), you could easily revert to your untouched version afterwards.

(Never tried [EDIT, I just did and I confirm], but I suspect that reverting to your “initial” snapshot would kind of ditch that other person’s comments. (Comments need to be “anchored” to the body text.) So, perhaps you’ll want to duplicate your document, rollback to the original in one instance while leaving the other as is; then edit according to the comments, but in the one that you reverted to its initial state.
→ Using a split screen would make it quite easy. ←
…To afterwards keep only your original document as part of your project.)

There is even a function (regarding the snapshots) that allows to efficiently compare two versions of a same document.
Who knows, that other person might have a few valid editing suggestions…

There is also revision color that if you instruct the other person to at least use, would make any edits on his/her part stand out, being of a different color.

I understand what you mean/want in the context of a proofreading, but I unfortunately don’t see how that could otherwise be achieved as things are.

So, basically, I guess the answer is “no”.

Oh - guess we have a candidate for the wish list! :slight_smile:

I’d recommend letting others edit anything they want (in Word, with track changes turned on), and view their suggestions alongside Scrivener to see if you want to follow any of them.

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Not sure that would work for me… I’ve had problems that different readers have very different opinions, so I normally keep original text and just allow comments.

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