Is there a way to link rather than embed images in Synopsis?

Dragging and dropping images onto the Synopsis is a great feature, as it’s helpful to me seeing images in the Corkboard for characters and settings and whatnot.

But doing so in Win Scriv 3.0 embeds these images into the project, as card-image files.

These card-image files can unfortunately be much larger than the source images themselves. For example, a 47KB image became a 269KB card-image file. Doing too many of these quickly added up to a significantly larger project and slower backup times.

Oddly enough, when I drag & drop the 47KB image into the binder, this embeds the image in the project, but the resulting jpeg binder item retains the original image size of 47KB. Then, when I drag and drop that jpeg binder image to the Synopsis of another document, it again becomes a card-image file of 269KB! It seems card-image files contain some other data that’s pumping up their overall size.

So…is there a way to link to Synopsis images and keep them out of my project?

Alternatively, is there a way to reduce the five-fold increase in image size that I’m experiencing?

I’ve attached a sample project with three images that illustrate the 5x increase in size from original image to Synopsis image. I’m beginning to think this might be a bug.

Test image sizes [2021_08_26_13_09_04].zip (688.6 KB)


I’ve done some testing, and I think I found the cause.

Dragging an image into the synopsis converts the file to PNG format. A PNG is less compressed than a JPG.

If you drag a PNG in the synopsis, the file size remains roughly the same.

In conclusion, for some reason, Scrivener does some conversion under the hood, causing your jpg to be decompressed to a larger format.

A temporary solution might be to convert your images before dragging them to Scrivener. Doing so in a separate program (if you don’t have one, get, it’s free and powerfull) let you choose the compression level and you might save some Kb.

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Thanks for that! I’ll try to preconvert to png and see if that’s sufficient for my project.