Is there a way to link to other Scrivener documents?

Is there a way to link to other Scrivener texts from a separate file?

Say, for example, I have a “dictionary” file of words and definitions. In a separate file I use one such word and want to link to its definition in another file.

Is that possible?

There are two ways to link individual files together in a project: Scrivener Links and References. For specific word links to a definition file, links might work best. So for example if you are creating a glossary for your book, you could select the phrase that needs a glossary entry and hit Cmd-L to create a named file for that phrase. Stash it in a Glossary folder, type in the definition, and then return to where you were. Cmd-L is just one way to make a link though, there are many routes you can take. See 9.5 “Linking Documents Together” (pg. 92) in the user manual PDF for more tips.

Perfect. Just what I was looking for. Thanks so much.