Is there a way to Maintain (or revert) to Default Editor Width for Screenplays

Without using Layouts, can I lock Editor/Splits to only open at a default editor width of say 700-800 points? I use Scrivener of screenplays and there is never a reason to want the Main text writing part to. be any wider. Thus if I’m in Script Mode in the Editor I’d and splits to open with fixed size. Of course in “Notes/Text” mode I would like flexibility to change the size. Layouts won’t really solve this as Editors/Splits opened and reopened would override this. Maybe a solution could be a hotkey to have editor resize back to screenplay width.

There’s no way of having this any different for screenplays from regular text, no. You can set the fixed width of the editor in the Preferences (under Appearance > Main Editor), but this affects both modes.

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It’s worth adding that the width you set in the preference pane Keith mentions is also used to calculate the width of the editor part of the window, when using the Window ▸ Zoom command (⌃⌘-).

It doesn’t cover every scenario, but it works well for most.

I don’t even know of this hotkey ⌃⌘- for Scrivener or MacOS, but it sounds what I might need. Are you talking about Zoom to Fit Screen? ⌃⌘=

My problems happen during Splits with the other editors and inspector adjusting and I’m constantly having to change both editors width as well as the Inspector. Currently I’ve found it best to click both boxes in General Interface 1) Adjust window size for Binder/Inspector) and 1) Always resize Editors proportionately when resizing Windows.

I have fixed width preferences for Binder (1.52") and Inspector (2-3") depending on whether using 15" or 27" screen. So, usually with split screen i want Group (outline/Corkboard) on left with Screenplay content (split editor) on right. I constantly have to adjust that split to 700 as anything else looks weird in screenplay format. Of course when I try to get that width I have to adjust both editors and inspector which are affected by that adjustment. I’m pretty flexible on side of groups editors or even Research notes but I just need quick way to get Screenplay editor to 700.

One solution is do everything in full screen and not adjusting window size, but I feel there’s an easier way to get what I want.

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Zoom to Fit Screen is a different command, what you want is just “Zoom”. It is an old (very old) Mac standard that is different from maximising the window, instead the idea is to make the window fit the content demands within it (and by default it also acts as a toggle between that “most efficient” shape and whatever shape you had the window at before using it). The green button used to do this, before that got reassigned to “Full Screen”.

If I understand you correctly there, wouldn’t it be better to have that second option in the General Interface pane turned off? If you want the editor split ratio to stick instead of floating when the window resizes, you want it off anyway. My preferences there are to keep the inspector/binder resize option on, I like how that doesn’t “eat into” the editor areas when toggling them on. I leave the second option off, because I generally never consider the ratio between splits to be more important than the split position itself, if that makes sense.

Exactly—it sounds like you’d be better off with that second option disabled. I rarely have to mess with split dividers, but when I had that behaviour enabled it was something I had to do constantly to keep things “shaped” the way I prefer, with an outliner that is only wide enough to show the columns I use, etc.

Incidentally, I mentioned the Window ▸ Zoom command works for most things, the one main scenario where it isn’t as useful is when the text editor is on the right split, and the split ratio is not 1:1. Given how Zoom calculates the overall editor width (both splits) as double the default editor width setting, that either assigns too much or too little to the editor, which is the part that changes size with the proportional option disabled.

Basically with the proportional option disabled, Zoom resizes the right split exclusively (unless it hits a minimum width case). So it is best to put what is width sensitive on the left split. For me, I’m more interested in keeping the outliner width sized to the columns I use, so I put that on the left. With the editor I don’t care if it is a little wider sometimes, because the Fixed Width setting keeps it from growing unwieldy, I just have more “whitespace” (or blackspace, as the case may be!) around the text.