Is there a way to make a series within one project?

Is there a way to do this?
I haven’t found a way so far, considering there’s the one “manuscript” (story) and then no way to add another.
I suppose I could just use folders for each novel though if there isn’t a way.
Or just make a folder specifically for the series and then have the individual stories in there. It’d just be easier to have my characters/settings/etc go with the whole series rather than redoing it.

The Draft/Manuscript folder is the repository for everything and anything you want to compile. Using it to set up a series is no problem … there are two ways of going about it:

  1. Make each story a separate folder within the draft folder, and then use the “Include in Compile” toggle in the Inspector to set up the stories you want to compile at a given moment (it is on by default).

  2. Make each story a top-level folder outside the Draft/Manuscript folder, then move it into the Manuscript folder when you want to compile.

There are a number of people doing one or other of those, not just for stories but also for novels forming part of series. Try searching around the forums; there have been a number of threads on precisely this question.


Mr X

Thank you! I kept trying to do the “top level” but it didn’t work until just now. :blush:

I’d say for the first method mentioned, rather than continually toggling the “Include in Compile” status, you can instead just choose the specific folder you want to compile from the drop-down menu at the top of the Contents tab in Compile. So for instance if you have a Draft folder containing three folders, “Book One”, “Book Two”, and “Book Three”, you can leave everything marked as “Include in Compile” but then select just “Book One” as the compile group.

Thanks for the idea!
:3 You guys are so helpful, it’s awesome.