Is there a way to make/keep Word catatonic?

Please pardon my asking advice for something other than Scrivener, but this forum is the most intelligent and responsive one ever (maybe, as I am, you are all trying to avoid writing).

Word drives me nuts, but I keep it because sometimes I need it. Or because I am afraid I will need it.

When people send me word processing files, I drag them quickly to Pages, but Word is behind them like a wolf, slavering and snapping, trying to get the prize first. So the file ends up opened in both of them, every time. The only way this race gets peaceful is when Word freezes itself into unresponsiveness, but last night that took down the whole computer.

I went through Preferences on both of them; I see no way to nominate one the default opener of files, as one can do with the Preview/Adobe choice. Maybe I’m just weird to even care about this?

I thought of stashing Word in the Trash, but that sounds like an accident waiting to happen…

Thoughts, anyone? I would be grateful for a solution.

Thanks for your time.

In Finder, highlight the file and press Cmd-I. There should be an “Open with:” panel there where you can select the program of choice. Then click “Change All” to ensure all files with the same extension open with that program.

You’ll probably have to do this twice, once with a .doc file and once with a .docx file.

Alternatively, it sounds like your Safari preferences are set to open “safe” files after downloading. This causes the file to open automatically in the preferred program once downloaded. You can switch this off and that should prevent this behaviour, where you can then open the file in your desired program.

thatguy is right, and another way to assure that only Pages opens the files:

Select the file in question and hold down Control.
A drop-down menu appears.
If you have followed thatguy’s advice, Pages will appear at the top.
Release on Pages, and only Pages will open the doc or docx file.

If you have to return a file in those formats, use the Share or Export commands in Pages.

I sometimes need to open a specific document in Word, and sometimes in Pages, and sometimes in InCopy. Druid’s method of holding down Control (or right-clicking, if you’re multi-button mousable) and selecting Pages (or Word) works fine. But I find it easier, for my mouse-centric workflow, to drag the file name to the Dock and drop it on whichever icon is appropriate.

Many thanks to all of you. I certainly learned a lot, and I changed my Safari preferences as well.

I knew this was the right place to ask!

Mouse-centric workflow. Luv it. We have a cat who roams outdoors. He has a mouse-chipmunk-centric workflow.

Is it really a “work”-flow? All my cats only have “sleep”-flow. The chipmunk-squirrel portion is just to refill the sleep-tank.

We’ve had to curtail our cats’ outdoor activities. Too much shrinkage, what with the coyotes, and the foxes, and the last straw–a great horned owl. It’s hard to make the argument that the kitties need to run free to maximize their potentials when you hear a favorite feline dopplering above the treetops toward a one-way voyage down the alimentary canal. My wife figures it was actually a hit: the neighborhood chickadees called in some muscle for pest control.

The current trio spend their days lounging in front of the windows watching Cat-TV, mouses and squirrels and tweetie-birds at the bird feeder. And when the action dulls, they promptly go catatonic–rather like Word, for random resource-allocation reasons. Which is why Pages is always a handy mouse-dropping away.

@ Jaysen: yes, the sleep flow is crucial to our cat’s well being. You might almost call him…catatonic.

See? Keeping us OT here. :open_mouth:

@ Ahab: But in our part of NJ, we’ve had deep snow and cold for six weeks now, and he can’t get out to mark his boundaries, do his business, or just stare off into the distance, as though he’s still a mighty warrior. No fear of being picked off by owls; he has too many places to hide.

He keeps asking to go out, thinking either side of the house is a door back into spring.

What we need to do is give that…cat a tonic. :mrgreen:

Failing a therapeutic snow-shoveling session, here’s an interim cat tonic:

In the event that its life merely lacks sufficient confusion.

Slightly less OT is a tonic to cure your cat of bird chasing. Not really a tonic, but a method.

  1. Move to a location with lots of trees.
  2. Notice the pretty birds.
  3. Buy bird feeders, including a suet feeder or 4.
  5. When cat gets excited, grab video camera (the part we missed)
  6. Film woodpecker and ignore cat.
  7. Cat will magically appear in film about 30 seconds later.
  8. Watch cat get his butt kicked by a pileated woodpecker.

Even the gold finches are safe now.

I tired to stay on topic, but I just couldn’t.