Is there a way to make the synopsis more than one line?

When I write into the synopsis window it is only one line.

Coming to the end of the window it disappears in the void. I have to scroll right to see the whole synopsis.

When I hit enter to get a line break, it only selects the synopsis.

Also: I see synopsis and title document are linked to be the same. I find this unnecessary and would like to put in a custom synopsis as I keep my document titles very short.

Question 1: How to make synopsis different from just mirroring the title of the document
Question 2: How to make synopsis more than one line - stay within the synopsis box and not go over the edge.

I suspect both of your issues are the same. That is, i suspect you are actually entering the synopsis into the title field.

In the Corkboard view, you can use the mouse to click on the line below the title, or you can use the tab or enter key to jump from the title to the synopsis.