Is There a Way to Move or Float the Inspector in Scapple?

I know that the Inspector is embedded on the right. That’s great, unless you’re adding more and more notes over to the left. Then the Inspector is no longer visible. If I want to change the font size or fill color, for example,I have to move all the way over and then go all the way back.

It would be great if there were a work around – floating the inspector, choosing to view it on the left or right or at the top, etc. (The reason I’m on the left has to do with a timeline.)

Any thoughts other than making time go the other way? lol

There is no longer an option for a floating inspector like there was in the earlier releases.

That said, I’m not sure if I quite follow how things are breaking down for you. There shouldn’t be a case where the inspector scrolls off of the screen like you say, it is fixed to the side of the window, and the board scrolls “beneath” it. Are you perhaps using a zoom setting from Accessibility on your Mac?

As for distance though, I would just pan the board over to where it is most convenient, if you’re going back and forth between the inspector and notes a lot. If you can’t do that because you are to the very far left of it, then try just putting a note at the very top left corner and then moving the entire board over except for it. Then you can pan it out of view and bring the stuff you’re working on into a more convenient area. I do still wish that the board freely panned in all directions, but it’s a bit of a technical limitation that it has a fixed top left corner, so gaming how that top left corner works is the best way around it.

Another thing to consider are styles. If you’re making a lot of repetitive and similar appearance settings to notes, you can probably optimise that by adding a few styles to the inspector. Once there, you can right-click on them to assign a keyboard shortcut, and leave the inspector for sporadic outliers. In most of my boards I rarely even use the inspector once I have a good set of styles established.