Is there a way to open a document in the editor from the Outliner?

I know about double clicking on the icon of the document, but is there a keyboard shortcut that’ll do the same?

Thank you,

I think what you’re looking for is Documents > Open > Open in Editor, or Ctrl+Shift+Return.

For example, say you only have the Outliner open and you want to navigate & open stuff without using your mouse.

If the Outliner does not have focus (perhaps cursor is on the Toolbar), Tab or Ctrl+Tab until it does.

Arrow Up/Down in the Outliner to the desired document.

Press Ctrl+Shift+Return to open the document in the Editor.

When done editing, press Alt+Left Arrow (View>Editor>Backward in Document History) to return to the Outliner.

But if you want to continue to navigate your project from within the Editor, you can Alt+Shift+Up or Alt+Shift+Down (Previous Document/Next Document) to traverse the Documents in the Binder.

Is that what you’re looking for?

(As you can probably tell, I try never to use the mouse for navigation if I can help it!)


Thank you, Jim, this was exactly what I was looking for. Much appreciated your help.


There’s also the icon in the “footer” area of the editor with the outline in it. It looks like two arrows pointed in opposite directions in version 1. With two editors open, one in outline mode, the other in editor mode, that icon will cause selections in the outline to be opened in the other editor.

Thank you very much, i looking too for this solution.