Is there a way to Pause Text to Speech and Resume?

Hello, once again I avail myself to the LaL community. I love using Mac OS X’s speech to text to read me back my writing. I would like to be able to sit back, close my eyes and have the words read to me, while I have a notebook in my lap ready to jot down quick notes. The problem is that I want to pause the speech while I take a note (some are not that quick) then resume the speech from where I left off.
I currently have ‘Speech’ in the toolbar and have assigned a keyboard shortcut to this handy feature, but when I use the toolbar icon or the shortcut, the speech stops but only starts from the beginning. Is there something I am doing wrong or another program I can switch over to just for the playback?
I know that you can put the cursor where you left off, hold shift+end and then click the speech icon, but I am looking to start and stop continuously, and would like to be able to map the key to my apple remote or to a fastscript, so that I wouldn’t have to be next to my computer.
I did a quick google check but found nothing useful, and I figured that google has nothing on LaL folk, so here I am, hoping for guidance.

I don’t think the OS X speech system has hooks for pause and resume—at least I’ve never seen it done. I think once it starts talking, the host program (Scrivener in this case) is quite unaware of how far into the speech it has gone, so there wouldn’t be a way to get in there and manually provide this feature on top of what the system provides. I could be wrong though; I’m moving this over to tech support so Keith will pick up on it.

No, unfortunately it has no pause and resume feature. In fact, every time you go to play it always starts from the first character in the file - I had to do some voodoo just to make it so that it only starts speaking from the current selection.

The workaround is just to place the cursor where you want it to start talking from again.

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I have to say, in the most appropriate and least strange/stalker way, that you two (Amber and Keith) rank among the greatest people on Earth in my book (its a heavy thing to, so be proud). The speed with which you respond to everyone of the my questions never ceases to amaze me. I don’t mean to go on and on but I really do appreciate the fact that not only can I get in touch with Amber, who may rival Keith and God in her knowledge of Scrivener, but I can quickly get in touch with the creator of the program himself, amazing!
Anyway, enough of that. I have solved my own problem and thought that I would post it here. I completely forgot that I had made a simple automator workflow to convert selected text to an .aiff file, which is then added to iTunes as a track. I then can play and pause to my heart’s content, frantically scribbling into my journal like a mad man, with a healthy cackle or two thrown in. I have bound the workflow to a keyboard shortcut thanks to the Keyboard preference pane in Lion and could not be more content. I can also sync the track to my iPod and take it with me to listen to on the trail.
There’s the answer to my own question, and without getting all gushy and silly again, I want to sincerely say thank you to Amber and Keith, who have always been more than helpful!


Thanks very much for your kind words, Dan - and you’re welcome, it’s a pleasure.

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Thanks Dan. :wink:

That sounds like a nice little setup you’ve got, anything that can accommodate madness is good.