Is there a way to quickly compile all character dialog?


For the purposes on keeping track of everythign a character says throughout my novel; is there a way I can quickly compile a document that only contains a specific character’s dialog, and automatically implement any changes I make into the scenes where the text was extracted from?

Thanks in advance!

There’s no built-in way, but if you really want to do this, you can… so long as each character’s dialogue is in paragraphs separate from other character dialogue, description, and so-forth.

You would “simply” (not easily) split every document into a bunch of small documents–one paragraph long documents (Documents->Split->Split at Selection). As you’re doing that you’d apply some kind of metadata to each of the newly split documents that indicate which character is featured in each document, such as the “Label” metadata. Then, when you’re done with all that, you could use the toolbar search field to look only in the Label field for a given character’s name; this would produce a list of all the documents that are labeled “Fred”, for instance, showing you nothing but that character’s dialog (and whatever else you squeezed into each paragraph). Editing the text in the search results view will change the text in the original documents.

Once you’ve done all that, then doing the searches is ‘quick’, so that at least fits the bill. :laughing:

Curious why this is in Scapple Technical Support (Windows)…seems like it’s a Scrivener Q&A.

I didn’t even notice, and I assumed it was a Scrivener question. I can’t imagine writing dialogue in Scapple, though I guess people have done wackier things than that.