Is there a way to search the "Keywords"?

Is there a way to search the “Keywords”?

Yes. If you open the keywords window (as you are showing a slice of in your post), you’ll see a “Search” button. Select a keyword and click that button. Or CTRL-click multiple keywords and search to find all documents with that have all of the selected keywords assigned.

You can also use the search tool in the toolbar, focusing just on the keywords by clicking the magnifying glass icon.

Thank you very much, rdale,

Very sorry, I meant, is there a way to search within the keywords, so how could one search for a keyword in “Keywords”?

Oh… no, I don’t think there is. But you can rearrange them however you like, so putting them in alpha order, grouped by type (names, places, etc…) can help in visually scanning for them.

Yes, but you have to do it all the time again (resize it, re-position the window, expand all items, etc.) after opening / re-opening that window. It always opens in its default size / settings.

Thank you very much again