Is there a way to sort keywords?

I’m trying to figure out a way to sort items in a folder by keyword in the outliner view.

I know how to search by keyword, but doing that only gives a flat list of documents/files rather than the hierarchy that is available in outliner view.

I also know that one can click on the Keyword column and sort alphabetically, but that only works if you apply all the keywords in the exact same order across all the documents.

And hitting Cmd-F in outliner view only seems to allow you to filter by label, not by keyword.

Is there something I am missing? Or some easy way to do what I’m trying to do? (Which is essentially to have all the files with a given keyword appear in the same hierarchy that they would appear in the binder/outliner.)

thank you!

I can’t think of a good way of doing precisely what it is you are looking for, in the project window itself. The closest I can think of is using the compiler, which would of course create a list of items, which in conjunction with one of the outline oriented compile Formats, would give you an indented and filtered outline—but that’s a separate list.

The problem is rather conceptual I think, in that what you’re looking for would be difficult/impossible for the software to display coherently. There is a way to use the outliner Filter feature for this—basically you need to set the Keywords column to display full names as text rather than the default squares. The Find feature actually searches the entire outliner view for text (and more preicsely so if you click on the magnifying glass and disable notes and text results, then it strictly uses outliner content). So that gives you your de facto keyword filter—but it will still be a flat list because of the described coherency problems.

Beyond that, I don’t understand it means to sort by both keywords and binder order at once—other than the default behaviour of sorting by the Keywords column in a hierarchical view, which does bias over hierarchy first, only sorting within groups. As you say though, it’s a simple string search so if keywords are in different orders that impacts the sort. That’s another one that doesn’t have a good coherent result: what is grouping or sorting by non-linear lists? What about “A,B,C” more deserves to be next to “C,B” than “A,C”, for example.