Is there a way to test for corrupt scrivener files?

I just opened a Scrivener project I’ve been working on for quite awhile, and had a strange experience: whenever I created a new text file it would have a random chunk of text from some other place in the project. It didn’t delete it from the other location, it just copied it, and I couldn’t see a pattern to where it was copying the text from. I closed Scrivener and opened it again, and it appears to be working fine. But I have a concern that perhaps something has gotten corrupted in my project.

Should I worry? Anything I can / should do to ensure the project is okay?

I create a backup every time I close the project and keep all of the backups, but if there’s corruption that’s creeped in, I don’t know how I’d tell if it’s in a backup.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!