Is there a way to turn off spelling suggestions for phrases?

Hi! So, first of all, I’m new to the forums (but not new to using Scrivener). I did try to search for an existing topic that might already have the answer to my question, but so far I haven’t found the answer. There are a lot of topics about spelling suggestions, but none (that I’ve found) are specific to the thing bothering me.

I’m using Scrivener 3 on macOS Monterey. I like selecting phrases and right-clicking to do various things — like appending, linking, etc. — and I’m annoyed each time Scrivener decides to give me a long list of suggestions (above the “learn/ignore spelling” option), which I usually have to scroll through to get to the part of the menu I need/want. It doesn’t do this for individual words, only phrases that Scrivener apparently thinks are incorrect. I’m actually wondering if this might be a bug? Because it treats it like the phrase is spelled incorrectly — it shows the “ignore/learn” spelling" option under these suggestions, but it doesn’t give me the red squiggles.

I don’t really want to turn off the auto-correct or spell check, because I like the red squiggles and I love auto-correct. I’m good with telling my Mac/Scrivener to learn the odd words I make up for various projects, but even if I try to “learn spelling” for the phrases that seem to trigger this phenomenon, it doesn’t actually change anything. It still gives me that ridiculously long list of suggestions that I have to scroll through. (And for the record, none of the words in the phrases in question are actually spelled incorrectly.)

I can’t imagine how anyone would make use of this function. I’ve isolated it to Scrivener. It doesn’t occur in any other apps on my Mac. I really want to turn it off if that’s an option, but I don’t see anything in Scrivener preferences/settings that will let me turn it off.


Have you tried switching off grammar checking? I would think that would be more responsible for looking at phrases rather than individual words. It could also explain why you aren’t seeing it elsewhere, as not everything would have that enabled by default. You could also be referring to non-native software as well though. You won’t see Apple spelling/grammar check behaviour in Word for example.

What you would be looking for is the Edit ▸ Spelling and Grammar ▸ Check Grammar With Spelling menu toggle. It’s a per-project setting, but Scrivener will remember your choice for new projects going forward.