Is there a way to turn off the update message?

My desktop using Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium and the files I access with Scrivener are backed up using Dropbox.

As soon I installed the latest version of Scrivener - I started having problems each time Scrivener tried to save a copy of my project. (Please see the attached file for the exact error message.)
I have tried copying everything into a new project and a number of other items, including reducing the amount of times between automatic saves and reinstalling Scrivener - and nothing seemed to help on a permanent basis.

It seems the ONLY resolution which has worked was to go back to a previous version of Scrivener. Note: The only one I have is

However, now every time I access Scrivener I check getting a Check for Updates message.

Is there any way to turn this off?

Nevermind. :slight_smile: I just found the option to turn off updates.

Also, if you don’t want to go so far back, you can still download 1.5.7 from here:

I’m not sure if this is far enough back that it will solve your problems, but if it is, it should also have more features that you might have been wanting from 1.2.5.

I’ve sent a message to our Windows expert to help you out, but I wanted to post something in the meantime. In the most recent upgrade we introduced increased error reporting to help alert people to cases where their work may not be properly saved (there are may reason that can happen, such as file getting locked by another program for whatever reason, or permissions getting messed up on the system). Downgrading to a version of the software that does not have these messages may not in fact be solving anything, except to duck the proverbial head in the sand about whether or anything is wrong. In short, your project may not be saving stuff successfully, and the new version is dutifully warning you of this, whereas the older one isn’t.

Yes, as Ioa said, the error message you’re receiving is new to 1.6, but the problem itself is likely longstanding and reverting to an earlier version won’t resolve that, it will just prevent you being warned about it.

Before continuing work with your project, I’d check permissions on the project folder itself (HopelessLove.scriv) and ensure that your account has full read and write access; also specifically that the “project.scrivx” file inside that .scriv folder is not marked “Read Only” or inheriting this or incorrect permissions from a parent directory. Right-click the “project” file in the file browser and choose Properties to view this information (read-only is under the General tab; permissions will be under your user name in the Security tab).

Also, as your path indicates that the project is saved in Dropbox, be sure that your project is only ever open on one computer at a time and that all files within the project have fully synced before you open it on another machine. If some files are still locked by the other computer, that could cause any number of errors and result in the project getting corrupted. If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest reading our knowledge base article on working with Dropbox or reading the relevant “Scrivener Everywhere” section of the User Manual (available from the Help menu in Scrivener).

Finally, you mentioned specifically that you started having problems each time Scrivener tried to save a copy of the project. Do you mean that the message occurs when you use File > Save As to create a new copy of the project? Or is this a message that occurs when Scrivener auto-saves? (That does not create a copy of the project, but overwrites the current version, just as File > Save does.) Knowing the details of how you’re working to access and save the project would help track down the problem.