Is there a way to update PDF files in Research folder?

I scan handwritten notebooks into PDF files every week or two. Then I combine scans into a PDF file that matches that notebook. If I drag a PDF file into Scrivener’s Research folder, then add more pages to that PDF file, the added pages do not show up in the version in Scrivener.

Is there a way to ask Scrivener to update a PDF file that has changed? I can delete the PDF file then re-import the latest version, but an update feature would be nice.

Thank you.

Select your PDF and go to Documents▶︎Replace Media File… and you should be able to do what you want. This is a new feature in Scrivener 3, so you can update a research item but preserve the links etc. It is so important to my workflow that I bind a mouse gesture with BTT, “draw” an R over a binder file and it brings the replace requestor up…

That’s the feature I was looking for! Thank you.