Is there a way to use keywords to create a topical index?

For the book I am writing, I identify about 4 or 5 themes or topics for each chapter, and make each of those a keyword for each.

When I’m finished, I’d like to create a topical index for the back of the book that would include all these words and indicate which chapters address them. Is there a way to generate an index like that through the Keywords HUB? Or is there another way to create an index?

I am thoroughly enjoying using Scrivener! Thanks very much.



I’m afraid there’s no way of doing that, no. Scrivener doesn’t really handle indexes or bibliographies or anything of that sort, but instead leaves it to specialist reference manager software.

Glad you like Scrivener so far!
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You can at least drag out a list of keywords into a document and Scrivener will generate a list from what you drop. Granted, it is just a list of words, not cross-referenced or anything, but at least you can get your topics out of the HUD.