Is there a way to view pages and page numbers?

I have to admit I’m not the best at following instruction manuals. Is this covered anywhere? Right now I just have this long pageless novel…


You can view the word count of any document, or of a selection of documents, by checking the editor footer, and you can get a page count based on your current compile settings by checking Project>Project Statistics. Since part of the philosophy behind Scrivener is that you should be able to work in small, disconnected chunks and work in any formatting that is comfortable to you, regardless of how it will appear once you compile the manuscript to send off to people, viewing “pages” would be fairly meaningless most of the time since it wouldn’t have any direct relation to what you’d see once you compiled. That said, eventually Windows Scrivener will have a “page view” mode that will simulate this to some extent, and if you keep your editing formatting (text size, font face, line spacing, etc.) identical to your compile formatting, you’ll get a reasonably accurate representation of the compile results.