Is There a Wrap on This Version?

I’m looking everywhere for the wrap button for Scrivener. I had it on my Mac version, but can’t seem to find it on the Windows version. I really would love to find it because the wrap gives me a good idea on how many pages I have, as well as the space between the paragraph breaks. I know I could use the three asteriks going across the page, but I prefer a blank space.

If there is no wrap on Windows (Grrr!) then how do I know exactly how many pages do I have or if my blank space fits on the page?

I checked the sticky that lists what Windows has that Mac does not, but no luck.

Thanks in advance!

I just go to Project and click Project Statistics for an approximate page count. I don’t think there is a wrap for windows, I haven’t found it, anyway. Hope this helps a little.

There is no page view feature yet, that is probably one of the more complicated things on the list that needs to be done and so probably won’t be any time soon.

In the meanwhile, as pointed out Project Statistics have page counts, and this is typically going to be a more reliable place to go for a total page count anyway, since the page view is just an aesthetic display model and not actually a page layout feature (not to mention that if you click on a scene in chapter twenty-one it only says “Page 2/3” or whatever is relative to the text length of that scene). Not that statistics is 100% accurate either, but at least it isn’t impacted by arbitrary preferences pertaining to view size and such.