Is there an auto indent?

Up until now I use scrivener to compile all the data on my previous work. Since I’m starting a new project today, I going whole hog.

So, my question is … Is there a way to auto indent when starting a new paragraph?
Also, how can I change the font, etc changes to all the scenes at the same time?

If you bring up the ruler (Ctrl+R), you can change the top tab arrow (the thing on the left pointing down) to wherever you want your automatic indent to be. Don’t drag the whole thing, just the top part, otherwise every line will indent.

Hope this helps!

And if you want indents always, you’ll definitely want to visit the Editor tab in Edit/Options..., and use the sample text there to set things up the way you want. These settings are what Scrivener uses whenever you make a new document, so whatever you set here is how all new binder items will be typeset.

As for changing all of the existing stuff, use the Documents/Convert Formatting to Default Text Style. This also uses the above panel, so set that up first before using the tool. The above panel only changes the setup for new documents, it does not presume to reformat all existing documents.


As for the auto-indent I was looking for it to automatically indent the new paragraph (so I could skip the tab stoke). That doesn’t seem possible. Am I right?

Nothing too crazy, it just uses the same type of ruler settings that most other word processor use. From the preview user manual:

[size=60]Yeah, the screenshot is out of date.[/size]

…Which is to say, if you drag the first-line indent marker to where you want it, then all paragraphs will be auto-indented; it’s not the same as a tab-stop. If you set this up for the default format in Options, then it will affect all new documents (as well as any older ones that you convert).

The option to set up automatic indents is buried and difficult to find.

In the Editor/Options, Editor Tab, you have to click on the dropdown box for paragraph spacing, then click “More”. Set “FirstLine” to about 24 pt., more or less according to your preference.

You should be able to just use the ruler in that same Editor tab to adjust it, looking at the sample text; it’s not necessary to go into the drop-down menu unless you want to type the number specifically.

It sounded to me like the OP wanted to set margins globally.

Sorry, I obviously wasn’t clear. Changing the ruler settings for the sample text under the Editor tab of Edit>Options, as in the screenshot above, sets the defaults for all new documents. You can then use Documents>Convert Formatting to Default Text Style to change older documents to this new style. So this is in fact the global setting.

Thanks everybody.