Is there an easy way to alphabetize keywords in documents?

The keyword HUD alphabetizes keywords automatically; documents do not. Is there an easy way to automate alphabetization in documents?

I have a LOT of documents I’m tagging in the course of working out the project structure. I’m adding keywords in the order I think of them, not necessarily alphabetically. Once they’re in, though, it’ll be a lot easier to track them if they’re alphabetical – something I’d rather not do manually.

(BTW, I think having an option to turn automatic keyword alphabetization on or off in documents would be cool. I tend to alphabetize the keywords themselves with prefixes (such as >, -, or +), so auto-alphabetization would work well for me.)


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There isn’t a way to do this. Perhaps some kind of manual sorting command, say like Edit/Sort Paragraphs/ could be considered as this is not a terribly common thing. I think most people prefer to sort them by importance, as two of the overview methods (index card colours and outliner) are both very space limited, so one can generally only see the top three to five keywords. That’s what I prefer anyway. There are some projects where having an overview (seeing the keywords for more than one item at a time) is not important.

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I’m aware of the index card and outliner limitations, and that’s precisely why I use keyword prefixes so my top keywords – whatever they are – will sort to the top of the keyword HUD, even as I alter which ones are most important at various stages of the project. If I could auto-sort keyword order in my documents (or, even more usefully, in selected documents), my most important keywords would automatically show up on index cards and in the outliner.

Thanks for the information. I’m thinking about how I can alter my tagging process to generate an alphabetized keyword list in each project.

I was looking for info on how to alphabetize the binder, but I see (from the posts you’ve all made here) that I’m just going to have to add it to a wish list. Being able to alphabetize the binder would be VERY helpful in the research section, in particular (for those of us that construct long research lists–PDFs, images, notes on subtopics and the like).

I will wish, and I might even pray.


Actually this topic is in regards to whether or not keywords can be sorted in the Inspector list. Binder items can already be sorted by their name. Just select the container, whose contents you wish to sort, and then run Documents/Sort/ in the mode you prefer. Please note this is permanent! If you only wish to sort things temporarily as a view, use the Outliner and just clicking on column headings to sort.

Amber: Thank you SO much. I’d basically given up. I just tried the function, as you described it. Works great. Much appreciated.