Is there an easy way to bounce back up to "Scenes" folder?

Ive added several hundred scenes that now appear under the Scenes folder. Im now bouncing around alot thru various scenes, tweaking etc, by using the search field to find what scene im wanting to elaborate further on… and Im wondering if there’s a quicker way to return up to the Scenes folder without having to (1) clear out the search field and then (2) having to scroll back up to the Scenes folder… I have tons of notes I’m trying to input to various scenes (in no particular order) and if I could avoid having to stop and scroll back up will save a lot of time.

Is there a way to split the viewing window so I can scroll thru all my scenes and still having the Scene folder remain visible on top so i can just click on it… or maybe a macro / key I can assign that takes me there or better yet clears out the search field and then takes me there — any solution would be very time-saving and appreciated. Thx !!!

Yes to both. You can use Ctrl-Cmd-R (View>Go To>Enclosing Group) from within a scene to return to its container folder in the editor. If you have the folder view mode set for outliner or corkboard (I’d prefer outliner, if you have a lot of scenes, and possibly with “Hide Synopses” selected if you don’t need them, to squeeze the maximum amount into you work area without scrolling), then this will switch your editor to show all the contents of the container folder so you can quickly skim through, as you would in the binder, and select the next scene (double click the icon in the row or just hit space bar to load it in the editor).

You could also split the editor, as you mentioned, using View>Layout>Split Horizontally/Vertically (Opt-Cmd-= and Cmd=" respectively–you can also use the rectangular icon rightmost in the editor header, holding the Option key to switch from one split type to the other). You can then load whatever you want into each pane, and if you have one of them in corkboard or outliner view you can link them by clicking the double-arrow icon in that editor’s footer. Clicking on a row or index card in that editor will then load it in the second editor.

Those are both for switching while in the editor. If you want to jump from the selected scene to the container document in the binder, you can use Ctrl-Opt-Up Arrow (View>Outline>Previous Container) to hop to the container document. Left-arrow works, too, if the scenes are all single documents. (Which is to say, left arrow will collapse the container first, but if your scenes are single documents then there’s nothing to collapse, so it will just bring you back to the enclosing folder. Otherwise it will collapse it first, and then move out to the next container.)

thank you very much MM… your suggestions are great and i appreciate u taking time to explain so well… in my situation it’s a little different… i think i need to split the Binder on the left side so i can always bounce back up to the Scenes folder with minimal clicking / scrolling etc… for example, if i click a scene deep underneath the Scenes folder, which i get to by typing a keyword into the search field, i immediately see which scene i need to get to via the search results - i then click on the scene i want (which highlights it), and then go over to the the editor side (right side of my screen) which then greys out the scene under the binder that was highlighted, and i see all the text and notes ive previously entered for that scene - i then enter new text notes to it… great… now i look at my next page of handwritten notes (in no particular order) and i see i wish to add new thoughts to a completely different scene… so i want to just be able to enter new words in the search field, but i realize i must exit out of the current specific scene im in as the keyword im using to search in most likely not in the current scene loaded in the editor (it’s in another scene somewhere) — so to access it, i have to clear the search field, which leaves the scene under the binder still greyed out… so i have to click the scene under the binder again to highlight it before i can left-arrow to get back up to the Enclosing Group (my Scenes folder)… before i can type in the new search keyword - it would really expedite my whole next week’s work if I could simply have the Scenes folder under my binder on the left side remain in plain sight while i scrolled around / searched for keywords / made changes etc to the individual scenes now that i have them all in there ---- to constantly have to click on the scene to highlight it, then clear the search field, then click the left arrow, then back to the search field etc seems so redundant and time-consuming… maybe im just being cranky but this is the kind of stuff that kills the creative vibe !!! cheers and thx for any thoughts.

Okay, I think I’m a little closer to seeing your process, but I’m confused about all the clicking, so I might not be quite there. This is how I would do what I think you’re saying.

Start out jumping to the project search field (Ctrl-Cmd-F) and typing in the word for the scene you want. The binder switches to show the search results, so you can click on the one you want to load in the editor and work on it. Check your handwritten notes, know you want to go to another scene, hit Ctrl-Cmd-F again to jump to the search field–the current text gets selected, so you can immediately start typing your new search term right over top of it (you could also use the mouse and just double-click in the search field for the same result, but keyboard is obviously faster). The new search gets pulled up. It’s entirely unlinked to your previous search, so it doesn’t matter that the document you’re looking for now wasn’t visible in the previous search results. You don’t need to clear it or do extra clicking.

Is that more like what you want?

YYYEEEESSSSSSSSS !!! This is EXACTLY what I needed… I didnt realize the search field results were unlinked to whatever’s currently in the editor !!! So now I can just type in a new keyword, even though i still have a previous scene loaded into the editor, and the search results display the scene i wish to bounce to without have to clear / click back up to enclosing goup etc !!! YOU’RE A HERO !!! thanks so much… TM