Is There An Easy Way to Find the Largest Docs in a File?

I have Scrivener file with 100+ individual documents in the file.

I need to find the largest doc in the file.

Is there a simple way to do that, see the word counts in individual docs within the file so I can select the ones with the highest word counts?



Outline view. Enable, then sort by, the word count column.

If you have a lot of subfolders, you’ll want to use a Collection to get a flat list first.

So long as you mean text length and not something more technical, like file size on the disk (where a massive image can make a one-word section millions of times larger than a file with 30,000 words), then yes:

  1. First, open Project Search and click on the magnifying glass menu to the left of the text field, selecting “Reset Search Options”. Click it again, and select Text as the search scope. Now search for an * (asterisk) by itself.

    This will return every item in the project that has some amount of text.

  2. Click the little hook arrow button in the Search Results header bar, alongside the X button where you would close it, to load the search results into the main editor.

  3. Switch to the Outliner view, with the View ▸ Outline menu command (⌘3 / Ctrl+3).

  4. Click the > button above the outliner scrollbar to adjust its columns, and add “Character Count”. I suggest this over words, because words is abstract. How many characters go into those words is what will more truly represent the length of a section. But use words if you aren’t so interested in technical bulk.

  5. Finally, click the Character/Word Count header column to sort by it (click again to sort descending).

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Hey, that was great and I found exactly what I’m looking for.

Thank you for the very precise and detailed instructions.