Is there an easy way to import symbols into text?

I’m not too good at importing symbols through shortcuts into the scrivener text.
Is there an easier way of doing? I remember in OS 9 there was a simple program included from which one could copy and paste, but I did not find it for OSX? Many thanks for any suggestions.

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… in the international preferences pane.


Are you thinking of Key Caps? The modern equivalent seems to be the Special Characters palette, which is under the Edit menu.

If you find yourself using a lot of special characters, and can never remember the shortcuts (like, um, me) then you may want to check out PopCharX, the OSX version of a venerable old plug-in that I’ve used for more than 10 years:

There’s also a handy widget for remembering the key combos for symbols:

CharacterPal from Taco Widgets.

You also have Keyboard Viewer, which you can set to appear under the International (flag) menu if you have that set, along with “Show Character Palette”.

Ah, I thought I remembered seeing something like that, but I don’t have the international palette in my menu bar, so didn’t know where to look to check if it was still there.

Is Edit > Special characters what you’re looking for?


Eh? Edit -> Special Characters was what I suggested the OP used, back up in post 3.

It’s easy enough to get; just go to System Preferences -> International -> Input Menu and check the “Show input menu in menu bar” near the bottom of the prefs page. I have it up there because I don’t use the accents and special characters nearly enough to memorize them.

I know how to get the palette in my menubar; I just forgot that the key caps palette is part of it.