Is there an easy way to refresh a text document in the binder?

I have a text file in my DropBox folder that contains “running notes,” which I frequently update via my other devices. (e.g. I get an idea about my project while at a stoplight, so I update that text file via my phone). I’ve imported that text file into my Scrivener project’s binder, but Scrivener seems to treat it as an embedded asset: changes to the file don’t show up in the editor unless I trash and re-import it. This seems like a pretty basic idea: is there a way to have an updated version of this constantly in the binder, or an easy way to refresh it so that it shows the current version that is in Dropbox?

Use the Sync with External Folder mechanism for this (and for any other documents that you want to edit outside of Scrivener.)

And to really put a fine point on it: When you import a file into Scrivener, that act creates a copy of the file inside Scrivener. You can import as a file alias, but that file must never move or be renamed since its contents are outside of the project and Scrivener will lose track of it.

Or the scratchpad. :woman_teacher:

I’d bookmark the external file (making a link to it).

Thanks for your help, everyone. The “Sync with External Folder” option did the trick. I also added the “Folder Sync” button to my toolbar, which makes it easy to refresh my notes within Scrivener. Now I have a file called “Random Notes” in the Notes directory of my binder, and I can open Dropbox and insert text via my phone anytime/anywhere. Very cool.

I do think it would be nice to have a “refresh” option in the context menu for each item in the Binder. That would have saved me a lot of work! Other than that, I like this program a lot.

It seems like the only work it would save is the work of adding mobile sync to the toolbar.

It’s not possible to refresh individual items, only the project as a whole, so using a project-level location for the command (such as the toolbar) is appropriate.