Is there an easy way to set up spacing?

Is there an easy way to set up spacing?

Q: DQBunny

There are two ways.

1. The first method is to set things up correctly in your defaults.

Every new document you make from now on will have these settings.

In the cases where you have imported documents, or changed your preferences after having created some already – you can still go back and tell Scrivener to apply your defaults to existing documents, too.

Try it by selecting a document in the Binder, going to the Edit menu > “Convert Format of Selected Documents” > “Default Format”.

You will get a warning about how some styling will get messed up and that you cannot undo. If you have a lot of bold and italics already – this method may not be the best.

I suggest saving a backup (see File menu), first and then playing with this feature. Get comfortable with it, and know what it will and will not destroy.

The nice thing about it is that it will fix many documents at once. So if you can use it, do.

2. The second method is what you want to use if you have a lot of styles and the above method will mess up your documents.

This method of changing line spacing is inherent to every Apple application that has a Ruler, not just Scrivener. So this trick will hopefully help you out in a lot of applications.

To activate the Ruler in Scrivener, simply press Cmd-R, or located the command it Text>Ruler>Show Ruler.

You should be able to figure out what to do from here, because you’ll recognise this ruler from the one that is located in the preferences. Just remember you’ll need to select all of your text in the document before applying the ruler settings. This will not touch your font, bold, size, or other style settings.

The drawback is that you can only effect one document at a time.

A: Keith